About us

Jordan National Lube Oil Company LLT, a Jordanian company specialized in blending and filling various types of finished lubricants for versatile uses and applications under the brand name ‘ZAITAK’, had been established in 2013.

Jordan National Lube Oil Company is decisively working to become one of the locally and globally well-distinguished companies in premium-quality lubricants and solely get in competence with other worldwide prominent lube oil blenders. Therefore, it only relies on using 100% virgin base stocks for its elite formulation of different lubricants.

As a result, ZAITAK lubricants became live under full compliance with the standards and regulations of many local and international organizations.

Jordan National Lube Oil Company had also obtained worldwide certifications from the American Petroleum Institute ‘API’, and also different OEM approvals; like ‘MB-Approval 228.3’ and ‘MB Approval 228.5’ from ‘Mercedes-Benz’.

ZAITAK is available in different volumes for HDDEO & PCMO customers, and also many other industrial finished lubricants like: hydraulic fluids, industrial gears and many others.

Certificate & OEMs